Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas & Cocktails

HO HO HO to you all!
Christmas is around the corner, and so are festive parties, excuses to look cute and maybe bring out the mistletoe :)
Here's some cute outfits that will keep you holly and jolly this season!

This red dress is stunning, and is very forgiving as it has TONS of ruffles, you could hide a small child in them, as well as any extra tummy you may want to cover up (And its only $42!)
If you're not crazy about your arms, a Pashmina around your shoulders would look great, and still show the fabulous dress.

Here's another look for Christmas if you're not wanting to go with a dress but still be festive!
It's very put together, but the longer and fuller top hide your love handles, and even your ba-donka-donk (I'm pretty sure that's how it's referred by Emily Post...)
If you DO want to show off your waist more, put a skinny belt around the waist (with the top and jacket under it) and it instantly cinches you in! And the top, jacket, AND pants are only $60 for ALL of them! (and the shoes are $20 from Payless!) Click on the pic and it will give a list of where to buy all of the pieces!

Merry shopping to you!
Designed by Lena