Saturday, September 19, 2009

My kitchen

So, we've been busy with the renovation of our kitchen.. well, we were out of town while it was being done, but busy picking out/designing it, while the demo was being done.. :)

So here is the before and after of our kitchen..(its actually backwards, the first set of pics is when we first redid the kitchen/the 2nd is what it was like when we first bought the house) After we bought the house, we did "basic" updates..paint for walls/cabinets.
To the left of the pic across from the sink is a pantry, where our washer/dryer were.. we opened this up, and added a laundry room onto our house which has CHANGED MY LIFE! Who knew not having to fold laundry while doing the dishes was such a treat! I DIDN'T!!! :)

The last pics are the new kitchen. We opened up the space, put new cabinets,
new wall paint (black, my fave), new counter tops, etc.
We really tried to save money by designing it on our own, I'm so lucky that my husband loves doing this as much as I do, he designed the whole layout, and cabinetry of our kitchen, and I picked all the fun stuff (colors/and extras!)
We shopped around for cabinetry, and were originally going to go with Ikea cabinets. But we went to a local cabinet company, and showed them our design layout, and told them that we were wanting a quote, but were ultimately happy with the Ikea cabinets, an that not only matched the price, but beat it! So it pays to shop around, and be willing to walk away, which we were, b/c we were planning on the Ikea.
But are SO glad that we got these, semi-custom, solid wood, and has all the bells & whistles that we wanted!

We went with white shaker style cabinetry, black (porter paint) walls, concrete counter tops, stainless steel farm sink..

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and what you love about your kitchen!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Jackets

Sorry its been so long since I've blogged, I have been slightly busy with our kitchen remodel! I will post about that soon, I promise!

But for now, lets talk about Fall! AH, Fall weather, my absolute favorite! Favorite time of year, favorite CLOTHES to wear! Layering, jackets, jeans, boots, you name it I LOVE it!
Jackets like I mentioned are my favorite, I could have one in every color/style if the budget allowed, or my hubbie! :)
Anything from the military style jacket, motorcycle jacket, blazers.. love them!
Here's some styles that are on the runway, and how you can take them for your own, b/c lets be honest, a $1200 jacket just isn't as cute then one that you can actually tell everyone how much it was and not be embarrassed but proud that you saved so much mula!

And here's some that we can actually wear AND afford!

Here's one from Forever 21: Only $26!

Love this from Nordstrom: And only $39!! WHAT?? :)

This one from BB Dakota is adorable, love the military look, and around $70.

And here's one from Gap, very popular this season is the 80's rolled up sleeve blazer, who can forget, makes me think of Breakfast Club, love it!

Love this military inspired jacket from Forever 21.. um, definitely only $24.80!! so fab!

Happy fall shopping ladies, go get cozy fabulous jackets!
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