Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas & Cocktails

HO HO HO to you all!
Christmas is around the corner, and so are festive parties, excuses to look cute and maybe bring out the mistletoe :)
Here's some cute outfits that will keep you holly and jolly this season!

This red dress is stunning, and is very forgiving as it has TONS of ruffles, you could hide a small child in them, as well as any extra tummy you may want to cover up (And its only $42!)
If you're not crazy about your arms, a Pashmina around your shoulders would look great, and still show the fabulous dress.

Here's another look for Christmas if you're not wanting to go with a dress but still be festive!
It's very put together, but the longer and fuller top hide your love handles, and even your ba-donka-donk (I'm pretty sure that's how it's referred by Emily Post...)
If you DO want to show off your waist more, put a skinny belt around the waist (with the top and jacket under it) and it instantly cinches you in! And the top, jacket, AND pants are only $60 for ALL of them! (and the shoes are $20 from Payless!) Click on the pic and it will give a list of where to buy all of the pieces!

Merry shopping to you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boots Under $50

Well, I gave you flats under $50, so I had to find you some boots under $50 too!
I myself am a boot girl, and LOVE every second of them!
So if you're like me, you hopefully will find something you like in this mix, and again ALL under $50!
Now ladies, if you've shopped for boots much, you know that's pretty rare to find some cute boots for under fifty bucks!
In the words of Ina Garten, "how bad can that be?"

Flats Under Fifty $$

A few of you asked about some ideas for shoes that aren't boots.. b/c we all know that the first thing we think of when the weather is a changin' is boots!
But not all of you want to wear boots, esp if you don't want to wear skinny jeans to tuck them in, and lets be honest, unless they're just basic boots, why would you want to cover them up!?
So you asked for some shoes, ie: comfy flats, that you could put some outfits with.
There's SOOO many adorable little flats out there that you can find for super affordable, and are fabulous!
So I put together a bunch of them, all for under $50! So click on the pic, and it will take you to the info about them, and where to buy each of them!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Ideas

A few of you asked me to put together some specific outfit ideas, which I love to hear about. It makes me think about new ideas, and it helps me know what you all are wanting!

First was: White jeans/pants for fall:
Yes I know this may seem like a faux pas, but in the words of our President, "YES WE CAN!"
Being from the South, its very easy to think about these so called "rules" that someone out there made, no one knows who, but its just what you do, right? Not so my friend, white pants in fall/winter can be FABULOUS!

Here's some ideas that might make you change your weary mind..

Another question that I had was about Skinny Jeans.. Some of you don't want to wear skinny jeans, and as I've said in my blog before, they are really NOT for everyone, every body shape is different, and some styles just flat out don't look good on everyone no matter what you look like!
And as we know, boots over your pants are always chic and cool, but like I mentioned, not everyone wants to wear the skinny jeans look, so here are some ideas of what to wear for Fall minus the tuck in the boot jean look! :)

Love hearing from you, Happy Fall day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beauty At Any Age

Its been too long since I've blogged, So hello to all of you faithful readers.
Lets talk about my favorite season for clothes.. FALL! So many good things about this season as far as fashion goes: coats, layering, boots, jeans, cardi's.. the list is endless! (More on Fall fashions in later blogs)

I want to tell you more about what I want you to "get out" of this blog..
I want to provide with this blog a place where women of all shapes/sizes/incomes/age can come and see ideas to further their wardrobe.

Its easy to pick up a magazine and see what to buy for "this season", but its another to find things that are "right now", but are also cheap, and age appropriate.
But lets be honest, most of the fashion mags are catered to 20's crowd, and they expect everyone that is reading to be a size 2 and about 6 ft tall! Not so much the case in the real world my friends!
I want every woman to feel beautiful in their skin, and not feel like they are breaking the bank while they're doing it either.

I want to provide ideas and outfits that can be for the 20's and beyond. Something that Lindsey Lohan wears is not going to be for everyone out there (or frankly shouldn't be for many!)
We look and see beauty in all of creation, and easily are "wowed" by it. In the same way, each of you need to find what it is you have been given that is beautiful and makes you who you are.
You may not be needing to buy the latest skinny jean, or platform heels, or the list can go on.. but you can find so many things that help you enhance your God given beauty, and make you feel amazing!

I think its easy for people to think of fashion as selfish and self centered, completely the contrary.. if you are being selfish and more concerned with what people are thinking about what you're wearing, then yes, you need to rethink why you're wanting to "enhance" your beauty. But the fact is, finding things that make you feel beautiful and confident are not at all bad, just like you would go to workout, or go for your checkup, you are taking care of yourself, and in the end feeling better about life.

Lets be honest, who feels good about themselves in sweats and a t-shirt and running shoes? NO ONE!
You aren't confident, or feeling good about yourself.. you're most likely feeling fat, frumpy wishing you had actually used these awful clothes to actually work out rather than sit in them all day!
But when you take care of your self and present yourself to where you feel confident and not frumpy, it can reflect your whole attitude!

Again, NOT saying you have to be wearing the latest fashions off the runway, but looking at the things you have, and enhancing them and feeling good about what you have.
I want to encourage all of you to "shop" through your own wardrobes (you'd be surprised what you can forget about) and figure out what looks fabulous and what you need to hold on to, and what you need to donate and get rid of!
And then looking at what you've kept and adding essential pieces to enhance your wardrobe you already own!

So here's your job, let me know ways that you want to "enhance" your wardrobe, ways to "hide/show off" your bod, and things you get in a rut about (fashion wise.. I ain't a therapist people!)
Happy Fall, and here's to much more blogging and ideas to keep you in the know!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My kitchen

So, we've been busy with the renovation of our kitchen.. well, we were out of town while it was being done, but busy picking out/designing it, while the demo was being done.. :)

So here is the before and after of our kitchen..(its actually backwards, the first set of pics is when we first redid the kitchen/the 2nd is what it was like when we first bought the house) After we bought the house, we did "basic" updates..paint for walls/cabinets.
To the left of the pic across from the sink is a pantry, where our washer/dryer were.. we opened this up, and added a laundry room onto our house which has CHANGED MY LIFE! Who knew not having to fold laundry while doing the dishes was such a treat! I DIDN'T!!! :)

The last pics are the new kitchen. We opened up the space, put new cabinets,
new wall paint (black, my fave), new counter tops, etc.
We really tried to save money by designing it on our own, I'm so lucky that my husband loves doing this as much as I do, he designed the whole layout, and cabinetry of our kitchen, and I picked all the fun stuff (colors/and extras!)
We shopped around for cabinetry, and were originally going to go with Ikea cabinets. But we went to a local cabinet company, and showed them our design layout, and told them that we were wanting a quote, but were ultimately happy with the Ikea cabinets, an that not only matched the price, but beat it! So it pays to shop around, and be willing to walk away, which we were, b/c we were planning on the Ikea.
But are SO glad that we got these, semi-custom, solid wood, and has all the bells & whistles that we wanted!

We went with white shaker style cabinetry, black (porter paint) walls, concrete counter tops, stainless steel farm sink..

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and what you love about your kitchen!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Jackets

Sorry its been so long since I've blogged, I have been slightly busy with our kitchen remodel! I will post about that soon, I promise!

But for now, lets talk about Fall! AH, Fall weather, my absolute favorite! Favorite time of year, favorite CLOTHES to wear! Layering, jackets, jeans, boots, you name it I LOVE it!
Jackets like I mentioned are my favorite, I could have one in every color/style if the budget allowed, or my hubbie! :)
Anything from the military style jacket, motorcycle jacket, blazers.. love them!
Here's some styles that are on the runway, and how you can take them for your own, b/c lets be honest, a $1200 jacket just isn't as cute then one that you can actually tell everyone how much it was and not be embarrassed but proud that you saved so much mula!

And here's some that we can actually wear AND afford!

Here's one from Forever 21: Only $26!

Love this from Nordstrom: And only $39!! WHAT?? :)

This one from BB Dakota is adorable, love the military look, and around $70.

And here's one from Gap, very popular this season is the 80's rolled up sleeve blazer, who can forget, makes me think of Breakfast Club, love it!

Love this military inspired jacket from Forever 21.. um, definitely only $24.80!! so fab!

Happy fall shopping ladies, go get cozy fabulous jackets!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preg & Posh

Hello all you cute preg mommy's!
I wanted to share some cute ideas for outfits for you while your bun is cooking in the oven.
You don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous while preg, and you don't have to buy a ton of things to make your outfits work.
When I was pregnant, I didn't really even wear maternity clothes until the last month of my pregnancy when the little rubber band that i put in on the button of my jeans was popping off! And now they have things like the belly band that you can put on, and just leave your pants unbuttoned and let that cute belly hang out!
I would get my shirts a size or 2 bigger than I normally wear,(again not maternity shirts) and I would layer.
So if I had a shirt that I loved and it started to get "shorter" as my belly got bigger, I would layer a tank top underneath it to make it last longer, and give it a totally different look!

And you know by now, diaper bags are really just a thing that you get to look cute..oh yea, and also carry diapers in..
but here's the deal, you don't have to go out and buy an expensive diaper bag that you really won't use after they're done with a bottle, you can go get a fabulous bag that you love, and then after you're done with bottles/diapers, you can still use it for just YOU! (or then snacks/toys/etc)
So you don't have to be frumpy or baggy while your pregnant, you can look cute, sexy, even though you're wondering when you see your naked preg body in the mirror how your body can actually look like that!!
A pregnant woman is a very sexy and amazing thing, own it, and love the fact that your body is growing for your baby, and there are those that would kill to be able to have what you have.
Keep those belly's looking cute!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Urban Cheap

Here's an outfit that you can totally change up easily.
You have basic pieces, (black jacket, dark jeans, white top, black boots) and you can really make an outfit how you want with all the accessories you add to it.
You can make it totally funky, or very classic, whatever your taste be.

If you haven't done so before, click on the picture and it will take you to a list of all the products shown and prices, and where to buy them! Again, when choosing clothing, you don't need to buy exactly what you see here, or in a magazine, they are all ideas to fit to your budget, size and taste.
Go be fabulous!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall is almost here!?!

So, its been way too long since I've posted, we've been out of town for over a month.. and somewhere along the way we flew past summer! And I am crazy shocked that its almost fall and summer is over!!
But Fall is my favorite season EVER, so I'm slightly pumped!
So I'll be posting some adorable Fall outfits for cheap!!

Also, I got a few requests for you pregger women out there, so i wont leave you girlies out, you just sit your pretty self there and let that baby keep a cookin' in the oven and I'll post something for you too!

Glad to be back, happy shopping!

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Rompin' Around"

So I know its been a while since I've posted, we're on vacation, and my days are running together... is it really the middle of July??

So I thought I'd talk about my new favorite little trend... Rompers!

I love these, and yes when you see one on a rack you may be taken back to the 70's a bit. Or the idea of a "romper" puts visions of toddlers walking around with buttons at the bottom to change a diaper... NOT the same! There ain't no smocking here ladies!

These by themselves for some of you might seem a little scary, or not for you.. but there's tons of different versions that are out. The shorts style that are pictured here, or full on pants. We're not wearing sequins or polyester fabric here, this is a very toned down look from the one we envision when we think of rompers or jumpsuits.

I love this denim one with the spaghetti straps, its very girly, and easy to take from look to look. If you want more preppy, then add some more conservative accessories to it. If you're more funky, then go all out and add some funky gladiator sandals or some wedges to it.
With a basic piece, you can really make it your own, and not look like everyone else.
And lets be honest, this style can hide a multitude of sins ladies, the butt or tummy a little saggy, these are a flowy look and hide that little extra lovin' that YOU only will know about! ;)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jean Jacket

First of all, LOVE getting your comments and emails about the blog. Keep em' coming! Love your ideas to stay cheap in a chic world too! Let me know what you love that is cheap, and let me know anything you want to know more about, love all the tips I can get! :)

So, a jean jacket is an absolutely wonderful item to have in your wardrobe that you can use with TONS of different outfits! It ties them together, an instant layering piece that isn't frumpy.

Here are two looks that have the exact same jacket, you can go ultra casual, or a little more girly and more dressed up.
Be sure that you really try one on that definitely has a fit to it, but isn't tight! There's a big difference in fitted and just plain ole tacky! (that's a technical term by the way!) =)
So don't be scared to bring the jean jacket back, even if you were wearing tight rolled jeans and high tops the last time you had it, everything comes back around my friend, only better!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coral & Turquoise

Here's some of my favorite colors for Summer.
Doesn't it just scream summer?? Or at least screams beach and a drink with an umbrella!

Here's some pieces that I've picked that are very affordable and also in such fabulous colors!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out for the Day

Here's something that YES women of all ages could wear!
Its very hip and cool, but the "idea" of it could go for all ages. Take the idea of the top with the pants, and add a long cardi with it if you're not into showing your arms as much, but the basic idea of the easy flowing shirt with some fun pants can go at all ages!
I am the FIRST person to say that certain styles should stay at certain ages, but you can take a general idea, like the one above, and take ideas from it, and make it your own.
I'm not putting these up to have you go out and buy EVERY single piece that is right there, but to give you some inspiration on color, style, and putting things together in a way you might not have thought of before.
Keep an open mind, and keep yourself fabulous, at ANY age or body type!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My go to Summer Outfit!

So here's my new way of giving you gals outfit ideas!
I put together what I love, and when you click on this "look" it takes you to where you can see exactly how much everything costs, and where you can buy it!!
Too fun right?

My first outfit is what I would live in all summer if I could, love the easy going, casual look that summer really should feel like.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Personal Shopper!

OK, I have to share a website that i LOVE!

Its a personal shopper online!
You go online, click through various styles (pics) of outfits, clicking on the ones you like the best, then they categorize your "style".
Then they ask you your sizes, what colors/fabrics you like and don't like, then you move on to clicking on what brands you like or don't like. Then, (this is my favorite part!) you put the most you're willing to spend on an item of clothing (ie: shoes, tops, bottoms, etc..)
Then they will email you with updates on sales of the style you like, in your sizes, and @ the prices you put in!!
How FABULOUS is that!??
I've seen a lot of websites that will email you brands in your size that you might like, but never seen where you can put the prices that you're willing to spend on them!!

Check it out, its fabulous!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Color Block

I love this seasons trend of color block dresses!
I've found some I love on Anthropologie's website that are fabulous.. but pricey :(
Here's one that is adorable, but in the upper $100's and more!

Here's some dresses that I found that are fabulous and let you sleep at night w/o feeling that buyers remorse that we've all had to work through at one point in our life :)

This one is $19.50 @ Wet Seal! Totally cute with some sandals or add some heels and a scarf to dress it up!

Love this one!!$25.50 (also @ Wet Seal)

This one from Forever21 is only $22.80!!

So there you go ladies, just remember if you see something you LOVE, and you know you can't buy it, or will have to sell your first born to make it work, remember that there's always designers/stores working to make things that match up to those high dollar designs!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


So I'm sure many of you have been introduced to Decals, if not recently, maybe decades ago.. well they've made their comeback, and they are fabulous as ever!
I love these little critters b/c its an easy way to add a piece of art in your home, or change up the look entirely for not much AT ALL!
You can find tons of these on sites like Etsy, Ebay, or little boutique stores.
You just literally just peel and stick them up on your wall to your likeness, and they are easily removed when you get sick of them, or wanna change up your room.

I have a bunch of these for my house to put up after our renovation is finished.. which I will be posting before/after pics for you!

Just look at this adorableness!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My new Art!

So, enough about clothes for right now, im showing you what im cooking up in my house!

Got these new fabulous pieces for my pad, and loving them!!
You have to know where to look and what you want.. i wanted a sign to replace a god awful one i had framed, and just replaced the print, saved the picture frame.. (much cheaper!)
Do you ever have those things in your house, that you're just so used to, that you don't think to sell and get something to replace it, then all of a sudden one day you go WHAT WAS I ON when I bought that??? :)
So I found this one that i LOVE.. "Keep Calm and Carry On"...The original was issued by King George VI to uplift the spirits of the British during the war...
Love the font, and the simplicity of it.
Bought the poster, replaced the one I hated, and

The other is an original on canvas from an artist I love.. Got this piece for $25 on Ebay.. an original on canvas..which is ridiculously cheap for an ORIGINAL.. and its pretty fabulous.. LOVE the colors, I'm obsessed with the color palette!!
That's all for now, i'll let you know about some Decals I got for the house too.. later on that :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fabulous Shoes!

Loving all these shoes @ Piperlime... they're having a fabulous sale right now! Free Shipping too!
Love me some Piperlime! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dressing YOUR body type

Love this pic from Dove's "Campaign for Beauty" where they state.. "to widen stereotypical views of beauty." love that!

So with that in mind, everyone always wants to know, what can I wear for my body, b/c as we see above, no body is alike! What can be hard about this is, every other minute some new trend comes out, and we see it on a model or our cute friend or someone we pass by and really want to trip and make fall b/c they just look TOO cute! :) (hee hee)
BUT they might not look good on you..

So before we go and show what types of clothing to wear, its good to figure out exactly WHAT type of shape you are, b/c lets be honest its a little confusing. Especially when you hear, "you're a pear, you're an apple, etc.." SO great to be compared to the produce isle!

But the fact is, we all are a certain shape, and its good to figure out what we are before you start picking and choosing our cute wardrobe for your hot bods!
We live in a world where the grass is SO much greener on the other side (in our mind), we all have insecurities, no matter how big or small you are, everyone has them. I saw this quote and love it.."Highlight the positive, delete the negative"

Here's some different types of shapes, and you can see which category you might be in. Find your body type, and at the bottom I'll show you what to wear for YOUR body:

Top Heavy: (bigger on your top half and usually skinnier legs)

Bottom Heavy: (smaller on your top half, and bigger on the bottom half, usually more defined waist too)

Top & Bottom Heavy: (this could be more rounded shape all over, or also more of an hourglass shape)

Athletic or no curves: (no defined waist line, flatter butt, no hips, broader shoulders)

So now that you've figured out where you might fit (and again its never going to be exact, b/c NO body is like the other) we can start to figure out what to wear to flatter your fabulous body, b/c it is.. TELL yourself that.
You have a God given body that no one else has, and there are people that would kill to have it. And when its easy to focus on the negatives of your body (b/c you're human) try to literally stop dead in your negative thoughts, and look at yourself and find 2 things that you do like about it. It may be hard for some, but I promise they are there.

Clothes for YOUR body:

Top Heavy:

First and foremost, GET A GOOD BRA ladies! If you've ever watched Oprah or other fashion shows, its ridiculous how bad your ta ta's can make you look if they're hanging down to your waist, or even if you don't have anything to hang to your waist, they can still look bad! And this isn't to say that you wanna just show off the girls or anything, but a good bra fit really makes or breaks the way your shape looks, I PROMISE!
So especially for you top heavy girls, a good bra is a must!
1. good bra
2. Bring attention to your bottom half. Pants that have a flare at the bottom bring more attention to your bottom half, tops that are not fitted or tight. V-necks are really flattering for top heavy body's. A trench coat that ties at the waist and creates more of an hour-glass figure. Dresses that gather under the breasts and flare out bring more attention to your bottom half as well. Jackets that button under the breast that are "fitted" NOT to where you can't button them though ladies, we don't want the girls popping out!
3. If something doesn't fit exactly right in every area, take it to a tailor, b/c every size "x" isn't going to fit every body size "x". So if you get it to fit at the top, the bottom half may be bigger, but a tailor could take it in, then you have something to fit YOUR body exactly!

Bottom Heavy Shapes:

1. Wide leg pants and flowy skirts hide a lot, and are flattering esp if they're more tailored at the waist. Darker colors on the bottom half, lighter at the top. Light ALWAYS brings more attention to your body. So if you're not loving the bottom half, AVOID lighter pants (ie: light khaki or white) as they'll bring all eyes to your bee-hind!
2. More detailed tops (ie: ruffles, buttons, bigger collars) will also bring the attention up, and is fun to wear something funky & unique.
3. No side pocketed pants, they just make you look wider.. and NO pleats on the pants please, all it looks like is either that you're bloated, or actually a man dressing in drag.. lets be honest!
No super skinny jeans or pencil skirts, fuller skirts/pants with a defined waist are always better.
Also since its summer, when you wear a skirt or something that shows your calves DON'T wear straps at your ankles on your shoes, its cuts off your leg, and makes your legs look instantly shorter!
Wrap dresses are good to, they define the waist, hide your bottom half and bring the attention UP!

Top & Bottom Heavy Shapes:

The temptation with this body type is to hide it, whether it be in super flowy outfits, or things that "don't cling". We don't want to cling, but you DO want to flatter your body, and showing NO shape doesn't do that at all.
1.V-necks, cardi's (cardigan's), with a straighter skirt are a great outfit. The v-neck brings attention to your neck area, and the cardi will help hide any flaws your might want to hide (but not swallow you either) and the straight skirt (not fitted) with a side button/zipper skims over your body to create a straighter line, and the side closure creates a flatter front on the skirt.
2. Jackets with a single button to create more shape in your waist, wider pants, that again are defined at the waist, but NO flare legs, as this can make you look just wide all the way down. A straighter leg will look better with this shape. Again, avoid pleats, this just adds bulk and as I mentioned above, just is all around a bad look.
3. A jacket/coat with a belt to define the waist is always a good choice, and brings the attention (again) to your waist to make a more feminine look.

Athletic/ No Curves:

So basically you want to create a shape, more of an hour-glass look, and more feminine look.
1. When putting together an outfit, highlight your waist. A belt over a dress/top is an instant hour-glass shape. Wrap dresses have this affect (but be careful if you're small chested that it doesn't swallow you), or a dress with cinching around the waist.
2.Skinny jeans or more fitted pants (not tight!) can hug your bottom half in a good way to bring more of a shape to your body and create the illusion of a shape. And at the same time, if you're not into the skinny jeans, more wide leg/bell bottom pant that has shape at the waist hides the fact that you don't have as much shape, and brings the eye to your waist. Add a belt and you HAVE a waist! :)

So there you go!
Each one of you has a fabulous body, it may not be perfect to you, but its fabulous.. and if you honestly think there is anyone that has a "perfect" body out there, let me introduce you to something called photoshop!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer "cheap" finds

Lets talk about how many cute things I've been finding for SO CHEAP! You can thank me later, or just send the check in the mail.. :)
I wanted share some fabulous finds with you that are adorable, and yes of course cheap! (but in a "only you will know" kind of cheap!) from.. (wait for it) KMART!!

So Kmart is really turning a corner in fashion..I know hard to believe right??)
I've always loved these stores for other reasons then they're women's clothing lines.. lets be honest "moo moo's" are not so flattering on anyone, and I think that was about the extent to their clothing lines in the past.
NOT so anymore!
They must be taking cues from Target and seeing how many people are shopping there for clothes, and I thank them for it!!

Check out these adorable pieces for next to nothing prices!!
Designed by Lena