Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boots Under $50

Well, I gave you flats under $50, so I had to find you some boots under $50 too!
I myself am a boot girl, and LOVE every second of them!
So if you're like me, you hopefully will find something you like in this mix, and again ALL under $50!
Now ladies, if you've shopped for boots much, you know that's pretty rare to find some cute boots for under fifty bucks!
In the words of Ina Garten, "how bad can that be?"

Flats Under Fifty $$

A few of you asked about some ideas for shoes that aren't boots.. b/c we all know that the first thing we think of when the weather is a changin' is boots!
But not all of you want to wear boots, esp if you don't want to wear skinny jeans to tuck them in, and lets be honest, unless they're just basic boots, why would you want to cover them up!?
So you asked for some shoes, ie: comfy flats, that you could put some outfits with.
There's SOOO many adorable little flats out there that you can find for super affordable, and are fabulous!
So I put together a bunch of them, all for under $50! So click on the pic, and it will take you to the info about them, and where to buy each of them!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Ideas

A few of you asked me to put together some specific outfit ideas, which I love to hear about. It makes me think about new ideas, and it helps me know what you all are wanting!

First was: White jeans/pants for fall:
Yes I know this may seem like a faux pas, but in the words of our President, "YES WE CAN!"
Being from the South, its very easy to think about these so called "rules" that someone out there made, no one knows who, but its just what you do, right? Not so my friend, white pants in fall/winter can be FABULOUS!

Here's some ideas that might make you change your weary mind..

Another question that I had was about Skinny Jeans.. Some of you don't want to wear skinny jeans, and as I've said in my blog before, they are really NOT for everyone, every body shape is different, and some styles just flat out don't look good on everyone no matter what you look like!
And as we know, boots over your pants are always chic and cool, but like I mentioned, not everyone wants to wear the skinny jeans look, so here are some ideas of what to wear for Fall minus the tuck in the boot jean look! :)

Love hearing from you, Happy Fall day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beauty At Any Age

Its been too long since I've blogged, So hello to all of you faithful readers.
Lets talk about my favorite season for clothes.. FALL! So many good things about this season as far as fashion goes: coats, layering, boots, jeans, cardi's.. the list is endless! (More on Fall fashions in later blogs)

I want to tell you more about what I want you to "get out" of this blog..
I want to provide with this blog a place where women of all shapes/sizes/incomes/age can come and see ideas to further their wardrobe.

Its easy to pick up a magazine and see what to buy for "this season", but its another to find things that are "right now", but are also cheap, and age appropriate.
But lets be honest, most of the fashion mags are catered to 20's crowd, and they expect everyone that is reading to be a size 2 and about 6 ft tall! Not so much the case in the real world my friends!
I want every woman to feel beautiful in their skin, and not feel like they are breaking the bank while they're doing it either.

I want to provide ideas and outfits that can be for the 20's and beyond. Something that Lindsey Lohan wears is not going to be for everyone out there (or frankly shouldn't be for many!)
We look and see beauty in all of creation, and easily are "wowed" by it. In the same way, each of you need to find what it is you have been given that is beautiful and makes you who you are.
You may not be needing to buy the latest skinny jean, or platform heels, or the list can go on.. but you can find so many things that help you enhance your God given beauty, and make you feel amazing!

I think its easy for people to think of fashion as selfish and self centered, completely the contrary.. if you are being selfish and more concerned with what people are thinking about what you're wearing, then yes, you need to rethink why you're wanting to "enhance" your beauty. But the fact is, finding things that make you feel beautiful and confident are not at all bad, just like you would go to workout, or go for your checkup, you are taking care of yourself, and in the end feeling better about life.

Lets be honest, who feels good about themselves in sweats and a t-shirt and running shoes? NO ONE!
You aren't confident, or feeling good about yourself.. you're most likely feeling fat, frumpy wishing you had actually used these awful clothes to actually work out rather than sit in them all day!
But when you take care of your self and present yourself to where you feel confident and not frumpy, it can reflect your whole attitude!

Again, NOT saying you have to be wearing the latest fashions off the runway, but looking at the things you have, and enhancing them and feeling good about what you have.
I want to encourage all of you to "shop" through your own wardrobes (you'd be surprised what you can forget about) and figure out what looks fabulous and what you need to hold on to, and what you need to donate and get rid of!
And then looking at what you've kept and adding essential pieces to enhance your wardrobe you already own!

So here's your job, let me know ways that you want to "enhance" your wardrobe, ways to "hide/show off" your bod, and things you get in a rut about (fashion wise.. I ain't a therapist people!)
Happy Fall, and here's to much more blogging and ideas to keep you in the know!
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