Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Dunlap Syndrome"

So, lets think about this for a minute.. anyone? Can you guess what horrible tragedy that this is?........ If you watched Oprah a while back you would have heard about it too....DUNLAP SYNDROME!!
The "official" definition of "Dunlap Syndrome" is when your stomach done laps over your jeans! :)
You might also refer to it as "Muffin Top"
Seriously though people, this is something that is so horrible, and not EVEN kind of flattering on ANYONE! I know you're thinking, "well those pictures are trashy girls, and I would never show my skin like that, or look like that.. no my friend, you can look like that even with your shirt covering it all up.. its now just a muffin top with fabric on top! (even better!)
Lets get some pants that actually fit you, and stop trying to wear your jeans so low that your stomach and back fat pop over the sides... "No, not me, I would NEVER do that.." have you looked at yourself from behind?? Because if you notice these pictures are of women from behind, because its an angle that we rarely see.. but guess what, EVERYONE else does!!!
You're trying to fit every inch of you into these jeans, whether they are the size you want to be, or the size you've convinced yourself that you are because they zip up, and that's really all that matters right? Or you've been shopping at stores that all the 15 yr olds shop at, and you just need to move on! Its so crazy how contradicting this is, here women are wanting to be hot, sexy, young, certain size, whatever your thing may be.. and its actually making you look the COMPLETE opposite! You could have an adorable outfit, look fabulous, hair's in place, makeups looking great, no bloating going on.. but THEN you scan down, and see the dreaded stomach hanging out of your pants, and the whole outfit is hideous!
So girls, lets stop these shenanigans and be real about our size, and be real about the fact that maybe, just maybe we should get a good look from behind before we walk out the door today, and save the muffin tops for Panera. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Trends: Safari

Another adorable trend that I love!
This too is definitely something that women of ALL ages can wear, It can be a buttoned up safari-style dress (which is super flattering tied at the waist) or a flowing younger style dress with a safari print on it.
Lots of options!
I feel little like I'm back in the 80's/90's again.. I remember when Banana Republic years ago was all into Safari looks.. what goes around comes around!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Trends: RUFFLES

I love them! They are so delicate, but you could make them completely edgy as well, depending on the accessories or pieces to go with it.

It doesn't matter if you are 20 or 80, you could pull off this trend. If you're young and edgy, you could go all out and wear them to their fullest! Or if you're more subdued, and just want a little here and there, add a top with a few ruffles under a blazer with jeans/pants.
So many options, so little time!
Here's some looks that you can see for inspiration! And as you can see I put pics of all types of different tastes/styles.. so no matter what your age or style, you can pull it off in a funky or a tailored way.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well, its been WAY too long since I've blogged anything.. and thought i would start up again.
As you WELL know, the economy is at a low right now, and no one is thinking about shopping or buying right now.. or maybe you are, but shouldn't or can't!

The economy is hitting everyone, including stores.. and i have found TONS of fabulous sales it getting new inventory, or just trying to get some actual sales!
Went to the mall, and Dillards had a ridiculous sale.. 70% off a lot of their clothing!(seriously? that's probably less than they bought it at cost!)
And Belk (formally Parisians) on March 13-15 is having a store wide sale of 15% extra off already clearance items!

Gap is having a "Friends & Family" sale of 30% off your entire purchase March 12th-15th.(and BTW you can use it at Banana Republic, Old Navy or Gap outlets!) Here's a printable coupon you can use for it if you didn't get the email! (courtesy of

Speaking of that.. has FABULOUS coupon deals! Some you may never even care about, but I've found a few great ones at places i already shop at.. including grocery/pharmacy/restaurants/and clothing stores too.

So, in light of the days of the bad economy... we do still have to go and get SOME things even when we're penny pinching.. that t-shirt that ended up stained with spaghetti sauce, that bra that FINALLY broke, b/c the safety pin didn't cut it anymore,(no pun intended), tennis shoes that have seen there day.. we still have life to live, but its good to know that there are options to save on them, and not feel guilty about spending..and still support our stores, so they don't go out of business too.
Have a happy weekend, and happy shopping!
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