Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I know its been too long since I've posted, I am sorry, hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and be better...but that wasn't on my NY resolutions, so you can't hold me to it! :)

But seriously.. just wanted to share quickly that Jcrew is having a fabulous sale right now.. an extra 30% off their sale stuff! And you can actually find some things on there right now that will take you into Spring, not just all winter coats! Just use the code EXTRA30 when you checkout!

Here's some things that I love right now they have that are on sale, and yes ladies, all for under $100, then an extra 30% off! Shut your mouth!! how good a deal is that??
Why do we even THINK of paying retail for clothes, seriously???
All of these clothes I'm showing you are totally Spring/Summer clothing, and for like more than HALF off what they were originally.
I'm sorry if I'm sending some of you into cardiac arrest who may have shelled out the money to buy any of these at full price.. its ok, don't feel bad, we all struggle when we add it to our cart and can't say "no wait a few months, it will be on sale" and then go ahead and click "order".. I know, I know.
So here's some cuteness for your viewing pleasure that you too can buy right now for close to nada! (and again did I mention these are less than $100, and then an extra 30% off!?? The tops are around $20-$30 each, then 30% off!!) :)

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