Sunday, August 1, 2010

Business Casual for Fall

Happy weekend folks, hope yall are having a great one, and not to blistering hot.. its pretty hot here, all I want is to be indoors, or in a pool!

I had a request to put together some business casual outfits for the Fall.
Yes, its hard to imagine wearing fall clothes right now, but frankly it makes me happy to think of not breaking a sweat by just opening my door to go outside!

So here was the request:
“Business Casual” for the Fall
-no jeans, spaghetti straps, open toed shoes, capris
-no t-shirts with logos
Shoes have to be comfortable because there will be walking. And things that do not make me look like tool or frumpy!"
(thank you Abby)

Well, here are some ideas for all of you that are getting back to work, or maybe even just want some looks that are put together, if you're going out, and don't break the bank.
All of these pieces are very affordable, and always under $50 each.

Here's to fall, it gives me hope to get out of this fog of humidity and sweat!

I know this set has "jeans" in it, but they are trouser jeans, and most company's allow this, if you're does not, just switch to some black trouser pants, or dark navy.

Put this cardi over the strapless and add the belt. I know a lot of you shy away from strapless, but you're going to be covered the whole time, the reason I choose this or maybe a tank under cardi's is it doesn't add bulk, so you have a smooth line on top, who wants to add lumps??

Add some tights/leggings and you're ready to go!

I know I put a "spaghetti strap" top, but again its will be COVERED with the cardigan!

This set is so flattering on every shape. The top hides a lot, but the belt defines your waist, and how fabulous are the shoes? and comfy, I think so!

Hope you're day is full of happy thoughts of fall to come!
Designed by Lena