Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer "cheap" finds

Lets talk about how many cute things I've been finding for SO CHEAP! You can thank me later, or just send the check in the mail.. :)
I wanted share some fabulous finds with you that are adorable, and yes of course cheap! (but in a "only you will know" kind of cheap!) from.. (wait for it) KMART!!

So Kmart is really turning a corner in fashion..I know hard to believe right??)
I've always loved these stores for other reasons then they're women's clothing lines.. lets be honest "moo moo's" are not so flattering on anyone, and I think that was about the extent to their clothing lines in the past.
NOT so anymore!
They must be taking cues from Target and seeing how many people are shopping there for clothes, and I thank them for it!!

Check out these adorable pieces for next to nothing prices!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Check out Blog

Just wanted to give you an update, I was asked to blog for a website Lazy Mom's (
They are a fabulous website/blog with great ideas for everything under the sun. Ways to cut corners, save money, and be a fabulous mom to boot! Check them out! (

Go to their website and click on "blog" and you can check out my post I did for their website!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Maxi Dress

Oh the Maxi dress.. who can't love this look!? It was big last year, and its back hotter than ever ladies.. so if you got it wear it, if you don't get it asap!
Who hasn't seen the long, knit, flowy dresses gracing us with their presence everywhere you go! They are comfy, flattering, and can take you from day to night like that! And are fabulous for traveling. So easy to throw on and go! Add some sandals and a fun floppy hat for a summer look, or dress it up with some strappy heels and fun accessories and you're instantly fabulous!
Even better, they look good on EVERYONE!

Fab Feet

Loving these sandals for summer!
Here's the Dolce Vita (1st pic) you can buy at high end stores for around $50, which isn't a terrible price, but not good enough for me.. SO look at what Target came out with ladies!(2nd pic) The EXACT same look for..what? $17.99!!
You can thank me when you look so cute in them :)
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