Friday, July 17, 2009

"Rompin' Around"

So I know its been a while since I've posted, we're on vacation, and my days are running together... is it really the middle of July??

So I thought I'd talk about my new favorite little trend... Rompers!

I love these, and yes when you see one on a rack you may be taken back to the 70's a bit. Or the idea of a "romper" puts visions of toddlers walking around with buttons at the bottom to change a diaper... NOT the same! There ain't no smocking here ladies!

These by themselves for some of you might seem a little scary, or not for you.. but there's tons of different versions that are out. The shorts style that are pictured here, or full on pants. We're not wearing sequins or polyester fabric here, this is a very toned down look from the one we envision when we think of rompers or jumpsuits.

I love this denim one with the spaghetti straps, its very girly, and easy to take from look to look. If you want more preppy, then add some more conservative accessories to it. If you're more funky, then go all out and add some funky gladiator sandals or some wedges to it.
With a basic piece, you can really make it your own, and not look like everyone else.
And lets be honest, this style can hide a multitude of sins ladies, the butt or tummy a little saggy, these are a flowy look and hide that little extra lovin' that YOU only will know about! ;)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jean Jacket

First of all, LOVE getting your comments and emails about the blog. Keep em' coming! Love your ideas to stay cheap in a chic world too! Let me know what you love that is cheap, and let me know anything you want to know more about, love all the tips I can get! :)

So, a jean jacket is an absolutely wonderful item to have in your wardrobe that you can use with TONS of different outfits! It ties them together, an instant layering piece that isn't frumpy.

Here are two looks that have the exact same jacket, you can go ultra casual, or a little more girly and more dressed up.
Be sure that you really try one on that definitely has a fit to it, but isn't tight! There's a big difference in fitted and just plain ole tacky! (that's a technical term by the way!) =)
So don't be scared to bring the jean jacket back, even if you were wearing tight rolled jeans and high tops the last time you had it, everything comes back around my friend, only better!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coral & Turquoise

Here's some of my favorite colors for Summer.
Doesn't it just scream summer?? Or at least screams beach and a drink with an umbrella!

Here's some pieces that I've picked that are very affordable and also in such fabulous colors!
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