Friday, July 30, 2010

Target Promotion 15% off!!

Hello world,
Wanted to let you know about Target's online sale today and tomorrow only:

So you get 15% off of Target's already low prices, and usually you can get free shipping when you spend over $50 or $100, which if you're like me is about as easy as a menstrual woman finding chocolate!

Here's some of my favorite finds:

Love this Merona multi colored strapless dress, and only $39.99!

This is a great basic denim button up by Mossimo to layer, put a skinny belt around it and a pencil skirt and you have an instant dressed up look! And its only $19.99

Love this zebra print pencil skirt by Merona, I'm not usually a fan of zebra print, a little too safari for me, but this one looks elegant and chic, and at $19.99 you can't beat it.

Here's a great transitional for fall/winter/spring trench coat by Coffee Shop, I'm a big fan of trench coats, you can make them very traditional or flip up the collar and its instantly more modern and hip. And its on sale for $35.00!

And remember all of those with an extra 15% off! Happy Shopping!


  1. Okay, we officially need to do a tutorial on how to hyperlink things. I tried to click on that cute trench with no luck.

    We'll work on that next week. :)

    Fun seeing you today!!

  2. OK, I will definitely take the tutorial :)
    fun seeing you too!

  3. Nevermind, I linked them.. :)

  4. I've been searching for an on-line promotion and I drop by here on your blog. Because of busy work I don't have a time to visit mall to shop a clothes for me and I am glad I found your blog. But this post was 2 years ago and I think those clothes are now sold. Anyway, I am hoping for your updates on-line promotion for this kind of clothing. Thanks.


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