Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bathing Beauty

Bathing Suit season is here people! AHHHHHHHH!!!
Don't you just love the anticipation of our pasty skin gracing everyone with its presence, some of which hasn't seen the light of day since last summer???
mmmmmm nothing makes me more happy!
HA.. Ha.. ha..
I know you all are just DYING to slip into your swim suit and get a glimpse of your self in the mirror, don't lie.. you know you are!! :)
Well, lets be honest, no one likes the beginning of the season when you have to drag out the bathing suit, and maybe its torn, stretched, not cute, and who wants that when are already not jumping for joy at the thought of strutting around in one, esp for those of us without a tan!
But do not fret, b/c I have found some very adorable, very fun, very affordable suits that will tickle your fancy, or just make you cry at your computer as you look at them because maybe you haven't remembered until now that it is bathing suit season, and I just ruined your day.. if it is the latter, then pop open a bottle of wine, pull out an old Beach Boys record and come back and read this post again, and everything will be MUCH better! :)

You don't have to be a model or a bombshell to be cute for bathing suit season, because there really are very few of those that are actually real...can you say RETOUCHING BABY!!!! And even if there are a few out there that look like fake barbie dolls, they are probably very hungry, and very sad, and I like to think that they may be very bitchy on top of that.. but that's the very mean side of me creeping out.. did I just say that??
Ok, whew! I'm done, no seriously, there are tons of options out there to feel cute in.

If you're not crazy about your mid section, go for a tankini that is a little more flowy on top, but not all over, you don't want the girls swimming around..
And if you're not loving the bottom half, there are tons of sarongs that are so fabulous, or even bathing suit skirts that you can actually get in the water in, so you don't have to drop the cover-up off and RUN as fast as you can to the pool so no one will see you! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello Summer

Hello Hello!
I am very aware that I haven't posted in QUITE awhile, I skipped Spring!!!
But I'm back!
So onto other news, Summer is here! And what does this mean people???
Cute clothes that don't have to be covered by a big coat! WHOO HOO!

Ok I know, for any of you fair skinned people, this is also the horrible reminder that yes, our legs will in fact be shown to the world, and yes they may need sunglasses for at least a few weeks (i recommend spray tan/tan in a can or tan wipes.. yes i said tan wipes, they are real and they are amazing, and they WILL change your life!)
But onto even better news, this being warmer weather, it is one of my favorite times, (not b/c of the heat) but b/c summer dresses are here, and I do LOVE me some cute summer dresses.
I'm southern, so how could I not, although my other outfit of choice would be my cowboy boots, jeans and a white tank top (but I'm from TX so how could that NOT be my other choice!)

So, I pulled together some cute summer finds that made me smile and made my wallet barely budge, which in turn makes my smile even bigger... not my hips mind you, my smile.. if that were the case, I would tell you to not in fact read this blog but move on to something else! :)

So without further ado... (whatever that means, but it makes me feel like I'm playing a part in some fabulous British film) Here are the finds!

This dress below I love from Anthropologie, and yes its a LITTLE steeper than I usually try to be, but still right now its on sale for $69, which for Anthropologie is a pretty good deal, but with some cute flats or dress it up with some wedges and you are so ready for summer!

I love a shirt dress, and this one with some cowboy boots couldn't be better for Summer! Shirt dresses are flattering on almost every body type, I promise!
And for $29 from Alloy its even cuter!
This yellow and white dress makes me smile big time! How much more summery can you get?? Pair with some white flats/sandals, and if you're brave.. a hat and you can say you wore it to the Derby, (cue the Mint Julep) And its only $24 from Forever 21.. cue the smile. :)
I love this little romper! This takes me back to when I was probably 6 years old, and I had one that was made out of some type of cheap towel material, everything comes back around, even 6 yr olds wardrobes!
And if its a little too much skin for you, throw a cardi over it, and put some cute wedges with it, and it instantly dresses it up. And its from Target for $19.99!
And last but not least, here's a very chic top from Anthropologie, and its on sale for $29! Again, how good is that price for Anthropologie?!? Love the ruffles, and you could add a belt to cinch it in or layer it under a suit for work. Love it!
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