Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping in your Closet

Here's the scenario: You get up, drink your coffee, eat something, take shower, brush teeth, then go to get dressed, and end up standing in front of your closet forEVER! Famous quotes: "I have NOTHING to wear"... sound familiar?
Everyone has said this, and its total crap, I have NOTHING to wear.. YES you do.. you just aren't looking, or you're not getting creative enough to put things that you have already together!

There's people all over the world with NO clothes or anything, and we have the audacity to say I have NOTHING to wear.. hilarious! I'm pretty sure that if you're reading this, you have loads of clothes, and probably more than you know what to do with, but don't know where to start.
And what better way to "save money" in this economy, than to shop through your goods and find things that you haven't worn in forever, and pair things together that you hadn't before. You have a hidden boutique waiting for you that you don't even know about in YOUR closet!!
Here's some tips of where to start, b/c many of you may be a little overwhelmed at this point..

Get a friend, someone who's taste you admire that you trust, that is going to tell you the truth.. they're not a real friend if they tell you everything looks good on you, b/c they're LYING!

So, get the actual good friend, have them over for drinks or dinner, and ask them to help you out with your current clothes.
They can help you go through, find things you absolutely hate, or that don't fit, (yes you need to actually try everything on) or the item you think "what was I smokin' when I bought this??"
And when you try the clothes on, do not, I repeat do NOT keep it if you just "sorta" like it, you WON'T wear it ever, I promise... NEVER!
Don't save it if you think you're waiting to lose some weight, b/c its just not worth being depressed that there are things in your closet that make you look fat! lets be honest! :)
So now that that's clear basic principles when going through:
1: get rid of ugly goods
2: get rid of clothes that don't fit
3: have a friend that isn't scared to tell you that you actually look bad in it! (that's a true friend)
and don't be sensitive, seriously you can't be perfect all the time! Leave that to photo shop! :)

So once we've established that, when going through your clothes, make a few piles:
1:give away or sell to get some extra cashola!
2: things you could alter (ie: hem a skirt that's too long, pants that could be altered that don't fit anymore, hemming on pants that you never got done and have been sitting in your closet waiting to be worn.. believe me alterations like these are a lot cheaper than letting them sit in your closet, while you're still going out to buy new clothes!

Once you have edited down your closet, its time for the fun part ladies - make a list of new items you need to complete your wardrobe. You realize you only have 1 or 2 dresses left after sorting through what you kept, or you need a pair of pants for work... Then get going to the stores (or online) with a list of what you really need and start shopping!
You will buy much less than you normally would if you have an actual list of what you need, rather than just going shopping to get some new things for your wardrobe, with no idea what you're going to buy! You could end up spending ridiculous amounts of money, or come back with nothing b/c you don't even know where to start.
To be continued.... :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I love this trend for the spring.. glad to see that feminine pieces are in style, and we can still be girly!
So the pics that I've posted are adorable and easy to wear..and what's that? ALL UNDER $30!!! All at Forever 21!
Yes, I know.. NO WAY you're probably saying, but yes ladies, this is the secret of bargain shopping, you have to look and not just shop at the malls. And if you spend a little time looking, eventually you'll find places that are cheap but have adorable clothing for tons less, then you'll know exactly wear to shop in the future You just gotta do a little dirty work in the beginning. And as far as trends go, lets be honest, you're not going to most likely be wearing these items in a few years! Maybe you will if they're more neutral, but if we're going to find things that are super fun and very NOW, you don't need to be spending a pretty penny to get them!

Fabulous For Spring

More Spring Trends:
Ladies, lets remember these are TRENDS, so don't go and break the bank to add some of these things to your wardrobe.. there's so many places that carry trendy items that you don't have to take a second job out for, or sell your first born to get!
First Trend: Cardigans!!!
I have to be honest, cardi's are like crack for me.. i have them in about every color...they totally bring a basic tee and jeans together, and make it look put together instantly!
I have 2 pictures posted above, both of which are fabulous, but only one is $22 the other is a LOT more.. who would know?? I have the $22 one from Forever 21.. no one will know but you!
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