Sunday, January 18, 2009

Suzani textiles

So my favorite Home/Decorating store of all time is ABC Carpet & Home in NY.
They have such an array of different styles; Modern, Asian/Middle Eastern, Traditional Chic, really anything for everyone. (And I met Betsey Johnson the last time I was there!!)
My favorite things they have there are furniture pieces with embroidered textiles from the villages of Central Asia, the Middle East and the Andes. They are absolutely gorgeous, and also.. really expensive!

Or do something much more simple and use the fabric to make a pillow.. I know, I know you're thinking.. when or WHY would I want to do that?? Because, if you like the look, and bought it you would be spending in the 1000's to 10,000's for it!!

I've found instructions/how to's to make an ottoman similar to the pics i posted, and doesn't seem to be as difficult as you may think .. obviously there is much more detail in the pieces that the upscale stores have created, but you can achieve the same goal on a much easier level and not break the bank.

I'm going to attempt to make an ottoman in the future, and will add pictures for you to see the process. I'm up for the challenge, and find it therapeutic to do projects like these.

Dress to hide those trouble zones: DERRIERE

Let's hear it for women like JLo, Beyonce, and Scarlett Johansson for representing a woman's body!
If you fall into this category and want to "enhance" your derriere, then here's some ideas:

Trouser jeans and sailor jeans are great options for the denim lovers with a little extra in the rear, just as long as you get the darkest wash of denim available. The dark color slims the backside, AND the thighs.(BONUS!)
Smooth slit pockets work much better, making a smoother curve.

Longer cardigans or knit sweaters are always a bonus to pair over the jeans for extra coverage. Add a belt to them, and it brings the focus to your waist.
The knit tops should be somewhat loose to your body, NOT too tight!!(you don't see yourself from behind and we are then adding love handles when its getting too tight ladies!!) But also don't let it swallow you.

Full skirted dresses/skirts are also very flattering.. again, NOT TIGHT!

Things to avoid:
* Pencil dresses
* Skinny Jeans Jeans in light washes
* Pants in busy bold patterns, bright colors, and white
* Bulky back pockets, or decorative pockets with added stitching that will draw attention.

Dress to hide those trouble zones: TUMMY

If you seem to be sporting a little extra cushion in your pooch area, there are great ways to camouflage it.
Layering is a great way to hide your not so favorite areas of your body. Flowy tops that hit right at the hip, not too much longer or you'll look preg.
Stay away from:
*Thin fitted cotton or spandex tees and tanks, and clingy fabrics like thin jersey.
*Avoid buttoning the jacket, for risk of revealing your pooch.
* Avoid wearing belted military style jackets, they give you "double belly" and highlight your problem area.
* Steer clear of cropped buttoned vests, they will be double trouble for your tummy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chic AND Cheap

I found these at Target, I'm not a huge fan of Target shoes to be honest... I think they're pretty uncomfortable, and they wear out pretty quickly.. but you get what you pay for I guess..
BUT.. these may have changed my Target shoe phobia!
How adorable are these Stephanie Bow pumps?!?!
These would be fabulous for spring.. wear them with jeans, or a fabulous little dress.

The color is amazing, and they look so much more expensive than the actual price. ($19.99!!)
Thank you Target!!

Lets Get Started

I'm a stay at home mom with 2 kids that keep me happy, tired, excited, laughing, crying, motivated, scared, proud, smiling, and going. And married to the most wonderful man in the world.. without a doubt! and he's about as cute as they get too!!

So where to start:
I love shopping.. not crazy about malls, but finding things that are original, and amazing and also I won't buy something that isn't a deal.. unless it will last longer than your diet probably will..
For those of us that aren't a fetus anymore, ie: can legally vote.. we can all sometimes get in a rut. Even if you're older, tush ain't as tight as it was, girls are saggin' down a little more each day, whether your 18 or 80 or all the above, doesn't mean you can't look fabulous.
And you may not be literally wearing "mom jeans" anymore.. but you may be dressing in the wrong clothes for you, or for your body.

I'm in love with clothes, decorating, deals, and steals. (I'm sure there will be therapy following this.. not to be confused with retail therapy)
And also making people find what makes them look fabulous.. (ie: YOU)
Which is probably not what the girl sitting next to you, your sister, best friend or the lady next door who should be arrested for what she wears (or doesn't wear) to walk outside to get the mail is wearing!!
So, just so we're clear on that.. just because it looks good on her, doesn't mean its gonna make your tush look hot....lets be honest.

I love a deal as much as the next person, BUT... I don't buy something unless I absolutely (i repeat) ABSOLUTELY love it!! (even if.. "it was 85% off and it looked fabulous, and there was only one left, and it was totally in my size, maybe it was a little tight, but I've been working out, and I'm still gonna lose like 6 lbs that I have from when I was preg.. and I don't know if I would wear it again, but how could i not buy it when its so cheap!!??!" (whew) ..sound familiar??)

I'll be sharing things that I find, things I hate, and things that have CHANGED my life! (again you realize we're talking about retail.. nothing deep.. you may wanna move on if you thought you were going conquer the world after reading my blog.. ain't happening my friend... but you might conquer your fashion rut.. which is a little like conquering the world.. so never mind, this actually might help you conquer the world!! :)
So stay tuned...

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